Monday, August 20, 2012

We're moving....

The Farm

 The Paakkonen's are in a state of transition. After many hours, day's, weeks and month's of painstaking debate, we have decided to pull up stakes in Kitchener, Ontario and make the move to rural Carmen, Manitoba.

 We have been given a fantastic opportunity to live in a peaceful, rural setting where we can explore and grow our photographic talents.

Heather was there taking care of her sister for about four month's and I flew out at the end of July for a week.

 At the farm so far we have three great dogs, soon to be five. Three Alpacas, Three goats, Three Guinea Hens, a Pot Bellied Pig and a billion cats! There is a small barn in which I will be converting a loft into a Studio/Man Cave for Paakkonen Photography...I cannot wait!

 Below is a small sampling of the images from the farm and surrounding area. By clicking on the images you will be directed to the Hi-Res Gallery where I have posted all of the pictures from the trip... don't forget to come back :D

Charlie with the barn in the background

6 month old Charlie.

Charlie grabbing a frisbee in front of the goat pens

Charlie the frisbee dog



Winston photo-bombed me as I was setting up for a macro shot :))

I was preparing to shoot some macros of this bee on a thistle when Winston snuck up and photo bombed me...

Bruce in a meadow


Heather throwing the frisbee for the super dogs

Charlie the frisbee dog

Merlin the Alpaca


Hershey the Goat

Hershey the Goat

Baby the Pig... AKA Ham Sandwich :D

Baby the Pot Belly pig,,AKA Ham Sandwich
Baby AKA Ham Sandwich

My 50's Fordson Major Tractor... Love this thing!

This is a 50's model Fordson Major farm tractor. Quite rusty and crotchety but an awesome cruisin' machine for picking up rural Manitoba chicks :))

Bob, on walk-about around the acreage


Ya,it's a cat

Model by Gary ats on the farm...Don't know it's name since it is not a dog...She did look just prissy and bitchy enough to be a model! Not sayin' models are bitchy or prissy... send hate mail to..

Lightning strike... Yikes!

Lightning StrikeLightning Strike at the farm

Star Trails

Trees by Gary PaakkonenTrees entry into Chrysta Rae's July 2012 Scavenger Hunt on G+

Sunset Manitoba

Long Exposure sunseta 13 second exposure just before Blue Hour. 9:50pm local time

Local area, Canola field, Sunflowers and old Grain Elevators

Grain Elevators

Happy Wifey :))

Dancing Heather

Flying home

Seat back live TVSeat back live TV

So I've been back for awhile now and Heather flew home a couple weeks ago. We are super busy selling off a lot of our our old crap...errrr.... quality home merchandise. I did however manage to get eight of ten entries into the August Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt.

I will post those images sometime later this week.

Cheers all


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy crap, I should do a better job updating

Well it was May since the last time I updated this blog so this is gonna be a long one. Grab a coffee and a smoke or whatever your comfort dictates to you to do, sit back and come along for a tale of our summer thus far.

As always; clicking on the images will bring you to my website gallery where you can view more pictures in glorious High Def, and for my shameless plug, you can buy stuff there too!!

Lost Boys Riding Club

My friends at the Lost Boys Riding Club in Toronto commissioned me to design a new patch for the club. After a couple of months and some bouncing back and forth ideas, not to mention numerous trips into Toronto, we decided on this guy.

A Patch I designed for my friends in the Lost Boys Riding Club of Toronto.

Thanks for the opportunity guys, it was a blast!

Riverside Carnival with Kayla and Gaeb

As always, we sugar the kid up first...
Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

Our $3.00 Punker wigs

Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

A selfy with my Punk Wig... sure is heavy holding up the big Nikon...

Mowhawk selfy at the Cambridge Carnival

Gaeb called this his 'Sliver Slide'

Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

Gimme my pole crazy ol' carny!

Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

Long exposure panned shot on the Merry-Go-Round

Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

We let the two year old play with darts.... Yayyy! Click the image for 720p Video

sadly, we had to leave and Grandbabyman was not pleased :(

Gaeb, Kayla and me daytrip to the carnival at Riverside Park, Cambridge, Ontario

Gaeb's Big 3

 For Gaebriel's third birthday Kayla packed Gaeb and me into the rusting soccer-mom van and we took off to the Toronto Zoo.
Smiling Turtle
A smiley tortoise swimming in his enclosure at the Toronto Zoo
Hippo's chillin'
Hippos keeping cool at the Toronto Zoo
Gaeb working on a sugar rush

He's there :D

My fave's, I just want to pet them!

Gaeb making sure there are no bears and what-nots following us
Gaeb at the Toronto Zoo


Petting Stingrays and Sharks
Petting stingrays
Petting stingrays

A quick ride on the Merry-Go-Ride

gaeb and Kayla ride the carousel at the Toronto Zoo

Then back home and his party the following weekend

More sugar rush makings...

Gaeb's 3rd Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Jennifer 'Cake-Nose' Perchak


Opening presents

Bubbles with Katie, Norm and Buddy. The temperatures were so hot and the yard was so dry that Gaeb's back was like a dirt magnet. Poor little guy looked like he a nuclear hair growth on his back :))

I think this post is long enough, don't you?

As some of you know we are moving to Carmen Manitoba to live on a farm at the end of September (That's where Heather has been all summer) so the next post will have some shots of the farm and it's animals. I will post those in the next day or two so stay tuned.
I will also be posting my +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt images for both the May and July hunts, they were awesome!

Cheers all and see ya in a couple days!