Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Daytrips and a Dog

Daytrip #1

It was a Saturday morning, the first weekend in April and Wifey and I packed our gear and headed out in the rusted out old Soccer Bus to an, as yet, unknown photo destination. Most of our daytrips are a total mystery when we leave, then we just kind of make up destination as we go along. We tend to discover a lot of great hidden gems this way!
This time we tossed the dice and headed west from Kitchener, Ontario and taking random lefts and rights every time we see an interesting looking, preferably dirt, road.
Our first stop was just west of Exeter near the Hays Swamp and associated trails and off road trails.

A Black Bear guards some private property along the Ausable Line near Exeter, Ontario

Along the Ausable Road we found this Black Bear guarding a pile of wood so we decided right there and then to be extremely careful of the wildlife!

We cautiously put the Soccer Bus into gear and proceeded down the goat trail to the end where the bridge was washed out...

The Shitster defaced the caution sign

A shot down the Ausable River showing some reflections of the surrounding Boreal Forest

Trees reflections

and some wildflowers growing in the ditch, yep, I got dirty...

Bluebells along the Ausable Line near Exeter,Ontario

We just spent a short time there because of the Back Bear threat and apparently some rural gangbanger named Shitster was also roaming the area so we headed farther west and ended up at, our once favourite beach area, Grand Bend.

Grand Bend gazebo at sunset

Long Exposure/ Blue Hour image of the Grand Bend Pier

Blue Hour/Long Exposure, Grand Bend Marina

Long Exposure/ Blue Hour image of the Grand Bend Pier

After a long, cold and thoroughly enjoyable outing, we headed home for editing and warming up.

Daytrip #2

After an early afternoon meeting with clients in Toronto, Wifey and I did our usual, shun the big roads and explore some backroads, trip back.

Just north of Milton is a part of the Bruce Trail that we stumbled across, so hiking we went.

Leaves underwater in a marsh along the Bruce Trail in Halton Hills, Ontario

Found some autumn leaves littering the bottom of a marsh...

dandelion growing from a rock along the Bruce Trail

A Dandelion growing from a rock... resilient little weeds they are...

Wildflowers on the Bruce Trail

Some wildflowers popping up...

And finally an amazing Collie/Border Collie cross that was hiking down the trail :)

We met this shy guy on the Bruce Trail in Halton Hills while shooting Heathers portraits. He is a Collie/Border Collie cross.

Chrysta Rae's Scavenger Hunt on Google+

This week was the end of the third Hunt of Chrysta Rae's Scavenger Hunt. This was my second hunt and hope to be in many more!

Chrysta gives us ten subjects for us to interpret in any way we wish then post our images to G+ visible only to her and her panel of fantastic judges. They judge us and award 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honourable Mentions. Thus far I have received 2 HM's and could not be happier :)

These are my entries for both the January and the March hunts.

Click HERE for a high-res slideshow.

Also a shameless plug. All of my image are available as prints and digital downloads on my website... sorry...

that's it for now, thanks for listening


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