Friday, March 16, 2012

Pretty Girl Headshot, many Dogs and a couple cats

 Pretty Girl Headshot

My friend Katie, AKA Neighbour Girl, needed a Headshot for her College Interior Design course. With the help of Wifey we got the lighting down and proceeded to get some shots. We had a bit of daylight from a window high and to camera right and an SB600 speedlight bounced from a Westcott 60" White Reflector and a CFL lamp behind Katies head to get some light into her hair.

And she was gracious enough to do a Duck-Face pose for me too!

We do Duckface!

Best of luck on the project Neighbour Girl!

Excellent Dogs...and a cat or two

Wifey and I loaded up the soccer van with our two dogs Norm and Buddy and headed out to our daughter Niomi and her beau Jason's farm to let the dog's socialize for awhile.

I took along my D300s with the 50/1.8 and my old Canon AE1 with the 50/1.8 attached while Wifey was shooting with her D3100 and 18-55/3.5 kit lens.

I was shooting Ilford Pro ISO100 B&W film and just like a kid at christmas cannot wait until I get the film developed :)

Norm is running his heart out as witnessed by his fantastic bat ears flapping...but it looks like he is standing still...fat guy running!

Buddy being chased by Gemma

Buddy and Duke watch as Opie gets airborne

Dukes turn...

Opie enjoys the visit...

Gemma is the latest member of Niomi and Jasons puppy fleet...

Finally, a couple of Barn Cats

That's it for now. Right now I'm being super busy trying to be creative for Chrysta Rae's March Scavenger Hunt on Google+. I have a list of 10 items to photograph in march and then post them in the hunt...great fun!

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That's it for now, see ya next time!



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