Friday, December 23, 2011

Day off today..... bored

So I got a surprise day off from work today so I built a D.I.Y. Light tent from a cardboard box, some Duct Tape, a couple of white sheets (Don't tell Wifey). I then snagged our two reading lamps from the bedroom (think Wifey will miss them?).

The whole point of this mission is to take some product photo's of my daughters handmade jewelry in order for her to post them on her Facebook to sell them.

I took a couple of test photo's with it and so far it seems alright although I still need to go invest in some bristol board for the base. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Total cost so far: 2 sheets, 1 foot of Duct Tape, 1 Cardboard Box-medium, 2 Halogen bedside lamps..... possibly 1 Marriage :/


  1. Good job Gary, hope Heather can salvage the sheets and lamps :D

  2. A blog too? How am I gonna do all of this stuff. need two of me

  3. Karen, saved the lamps, no on the sheets... Lol!
    Steve, I have not slept in 7 years :)