Friday, October 28, 2011

Couple of Family shots + a couple wedding photo's

Aye Carumba it's been a busy month! My apologies for not posting anything in the past 5 weeks but we have been going crazy with photo shoots and crazy Paakkonen type things going on here!

 My Step-Son Nick, his Girlfriend Marie and her twin baby boy's Liam and Nathan came for week long visit from Calgary, Alberta at the beginning of October (they pretended to come visit us but, in fact, were really here to partake of the world`s 2nd largest Octoberfest).
 I am posting a few pics here but clicking on any of the images will take you to the gallery on our website to see them all in glorious High Res as only SmugMug can display them :D (shameless plug)

Liam and Nathan
Liam and Nathan

Nick and Marie
Marie and Nick

My Nephew Blake came by for a quick visit (High Pass image)

Blake and Nick

Goofy bastards....

We shot a wedding on October 8th in Monkton, Ontario. Doing these edits are my reason for not posting in a while... Yeah, that`s it....

Morris and Kathy

Morris waiting for the bride


Kathy in the Limo

fast action kids at the reception. (held at Kathy`s farm)

Head table

That`s it for photo`s other than...

Random Puppy Shot

Sparky was a great guest

Sparky was one of the guests at the church and the reception :)

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