Sunday, September 18, 2011

We went to Goderich and all I got was this stupid Grass Shot!

For the weekly road trip this week, Wifey and I took off to Goderich, Ontario to catch a sunset and possibly some nice nature shots. Goderich is labeled as "Canada's Prettiest Town" and while a wee bit boastful it certainly is a beautiful little town! That is until the tornadoes hit a couple of month's ago and tore this scenic burg up.

I did not get any shots of the damage because I felt that had been overdone. On every street and street corner were tourists snapping happily away oblivious to the residents of this lakeside town who looked on in quiet resignation. Since we did not go to Goderich for that specific reason we started at the Laithwaite Apple Park Farm on the outskirts of town then on to the Lighthouse and down to Christopher's Beach and a delicious Fish and Chips dinner at Skippers Restaurant.

The Laithwaite Apple Park is a historic, family owned three acre Apple Farm on Highway 8 just east of Goderich. It's worth a stop there on the way in to check out, not only their farm store, but the statues carved out by George Laithwaite in the early part of the twentieth century. These limestone and field stone statues represent current events and political figures from Mr Laithwaite's era. We grabbed a bag of delicious Royal Gala Apples for 7 bucks, a shot of their early crop of pumpkins and moseyed on westward.

Pumpkins at the Apple Place

I shot this statue a couple of years ago with my trust Minolta Maxxum 450si and a Minolta 28-80/3.5-5.6 lens (film). The shot above was this trip with my Nikon D300s and Nikkor 50mm f 1,8 lens

Apple Park Farm Statue. Goderich, Ontario, Canada

The Lighthouse is the oldest Canadian Light Station on Lake Huron first established in the 1830's then officially built into a Lighthouse in 1847. (Source: Lighthouse

Lighthouse above Christopher's Beach in Goderich, Ontario, Canada (1872)

Goderich Harbour has a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear Lake Huron water along with great landscaping to practice your Macro Photography or Flower Photography skills. I took a couple of Seascape images which I unceremoniously dumped after reviewing them on my laptop at home. I did however play with some semi long exposure images for some interesting special effects.

In this image I used my Nikon D300s in RAW and handheld it at 1/13th of a second at f 22 with the 50mm 1.8 Prime lens to give us a sense of movement from the wind in the grasses.

late summer grass at Goderich, Ontario, Canada

Now staying in the same spot I wanted to create a Dreamscape image. A Dreamscape image is one which is created by panning or moving your camera in one direction or another to create an abstract or painterly feel by having the image blurred. I kept my D300s on Shutter Priority Mode at the same settings as the above image but this time I set my focus lock and because the grasses are vertical I started moving my camera upward and clicked the shutter in the middle of my panning and ensured to follow through after the camera was finished recording. Kind of like a follow through with a golf swing it keeps the end product from being jerky.

Late summer grass at Goderich, Ontario, Canada. Long exposure and upward camera movement gives this grass a cool painterly look.

My final shot from this excursion is some more summer grass but for this shot I had to get way down low to compose the sun to be low and behind the grass blades to back light the scene. This image was also shot with my Nikon D300s and the 'Nifty Fifty' Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens at 1/25th of a second at f 22 and ISO 200.

late summer grass at Goderich, Ontario, Canada

We left town before sunset and slightly before the Golden Hour hit in order to get a shot or two of some classic cars and trucks we had spotted on the way in. We had decided against shooting the vehicles on the way in because the harsh daytime sunlight would have blown out the shots.

This is where some planning would have come into play. I remembered all of the vehicles being within a half hours drive of Goderich..... wrong! Damn old-timers got me again. The first of the vehicles showed up right after the sun was down, gorgeous sunset by the way....missed it!

So now I have the vehicle locations marked down in the steel trap that is my memory and will head out next weekend...maybe... to shoot them.

Random Puppy Shot

I don't believe you!

Norm is tired of the weekly random puppy shots!

Next Post

This week I will be testing out the PhotoPlus x5 software by Serif. They gave me a copy last week along with their Panorama software and so far with what I have done with it, it's pretty amazing! stay tuned.


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