Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tent tour 2011

My apologies for not posting for a couple of weeks but Wifey and I took a much needed vacation.
Much to my surprise, a couple months ago Wifey came to me and said we should do a camping tour of Northern a tent no less! You have to understand something of Wifey, she does not camp! Camping to her is staying at a Marriot in a distant place somewhere! So, when she suggested a tent tour I was all over it!
We borrowed a 6 man tent from my daughter and a double air mattress from Sister-in-law Pat, spent $25.00 on a portable grill and headed off.
1st stop was the Happy Hearts Campground in Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario for 3 days with a bunch of day trips to check out local sights.
The first night, at the suggestion of one of the owners of the park, we left the fly off of the tent as it was to be a perfect night and Tobermory has zero light pollution so the stars would be awesome. And they were, we were totally amazed by the heavenly light show until, yeah, 4am... Wifey wakes me up and say's it's raining.. I responded with a grumpy "it's just dew", then the thunder and lightning hit and I got my naked butt outside risking life and limb to get the fly back on. The next morning the owner saunters by and asks how our night went.... bastard...

The tent with the giant air mattress

The leaky airbed in our tent. This was day one of the 2011 Camping tour of Near-North Ontario. The trip consisted of three different campsites with daytrips each day. First Campground was The Happy Hearts Campground in Tobermory, Ontario for 3 days.

Cooking set-up

The cooking set-up at Tobermory

Wifey through the open tent fly

Wifey relaxing in the tent on the leaky airbed. Shot through the mesh on the roof of the tent.


Campfire on our first night of the 2011 Tent Tour

On the 2nd day we toured the back roads and the Fathom 5 National Park Visitors Centre. The Fathom 5 National Park consists of a small Visitors Centre on land in Tobermory and the rest of the park is on and under water with 20 islands and 21 historic shipwrecks. The park is a world renowned dive site in it's crystal clear waters.

Found some Blueberries and a bunch of wildflowers on the back road excursion but not a whole lot else

Blueberries Bokeh


The Visitors Centre was pretty cool. We climbed the 20 meter high (66 feet) Observation Tower which pretty much killed Heathers damaged knee for the week but the view was great!

Tobermory Harbour shot form the National Park Visitor Centre 20 Meter high tower

Then a short hike along the impeccably maintained trails through the park.

Pathway at the National Park Visitors Center in Tobermory, Ontario

I will save Day 3 with the Flowerpot Island trip for the next post...this one is kinda runnin' a wee bit long!

Finally.. random Puppy shot! This is Baby our Dalmation who passed away a few years ago :(

Baby PaakkonenMinolta Maxxum 450si (film) ISO100, Ilford B&W film, Minolta 28-80/f3.5 lens, scanned with HP scanner

Clicking on any of the pictures will bring you to the appropriate gallery where there are many more shots....


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