Monday, August 15, 2011

Tent tour 2011- Part Deux

This post we will be visiting Flowerpot Island which is part of The Fathom Five National Marine Park which contains 20 Islands and 21 old shipwrecks, some of which are in very shallow crystal clear waters. Divers come from all over the world to dive these waters.

Old shipwrecks riddle the bottom of the Fathom 5 National Park in Tobermory, Ontario. People come here from all over the world as a premiere dive site for old shipwrecks and crystal clear freshwater.

This one is located in Little Tub Bay and is part of the Blue Heron Cruise lines Glass Bottom boat tour. The tour we took was aboard the Blue Heron V which took us over two shipwrecks and then dropped us off at Flowerpot Island.

The Blue Heron V is one of Blue Heron Cruise Lines several Glass Bottom Boats that take passengers over shipwrecks in The Fathom Five National Park then out to Flowerpot Island. The trip over the shipwrecks and out to the island takes about an hour and costs $33.00 for a round trip. They will drop you off at the island for as long as you want as long as you catch the last boat back!

The small flowerpot at Flowerpot Island in a 7 exp HDR. Edits in NIK HDR Pro

The visit to Flowerpot Island is well worth it, it's about a 4 hour hike around the entire island where you can see two Flowerpot Rock Formations, a cave you can spelunk your heart out in and a lighthouse to tour. All kinds of wildlife as well, bring a camera!
I took a quick dip into the genital freezing waters of Georgian Bay...Brrrrr....

Our initial plans for this vacation was to go to Newfoundland and grab a whale tail image and since that didn't happen... this was next best. A loon butt diving after a fish :D

We were supposed to go to Newfoundland this summer for some whale watching but didn't make it. I took this Loon Tail instead of having a Whale Tail... good substitute,No?

Our trip back to the mainland, much to Wifey's delight, was onboard the Zephyr, a jet powered Zodiac! It cuts the crossing time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. The crossing was quite choppy and we got soaked...what could be better!

The Zephyr is a Rigid Hull Zodiac Jet Boat owned by Blue Heron Cruise Lines in Tobermory, Ontario. It zips passengers to and from Flower Pot Island in a mere 15 minutes per crossing for a cost of $28.00 CAN per round trip.

That's it for this part. Next post will be crossing to Manitoulin Island on the Chi-Cheemaun and a tour of the island and two nights of camping at the far western tip of the island at Meldrum Bay.

My random puppy shot is a stray that followed me around Fairbanks ,Alaska in 2008. I think he liked my bag of roasted chicken more than me though :)

this guy followed me around 'cause i was carrying a bag with a grilled chicken in it, thought he wanted to eat me... nice puppy


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