Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nikki's 6th Birthday Bash

Last weekend my mission was to photograph my niece's 6th Birthday Bash so we loaded up the Montana Soccer-Mom van with the gear and a box of Moosehead Beer headed for the Perchak's.

Nikki having a major sugar rush, I believe :D

Because it's both fun and uber-hot out (over 100F or 40C in the shade) the water balloons and Garden hose were the order of the day!

Pat made a delicious Birthday cake with some odd dolls on it....

Pinata's were whacked...

Hot Dog's consumed by extreme cuteness...

And of course, what's a B-Day bash without David the Disturbed Clown!

Sorry, one more extreme cuteness then off to the Puppy Shot!

This is Rascal our host's Shitzu mixed with Toaster cozy along with the lovely Mz Niomi!

Wifey and I are taking off as soon as I finish this post for a week of camping in Tobermory, Manitoulin Island and the Parry Sound, Ontario area's :)))


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