Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lou's Custom Harley shoot

For about a year Wifey and I had been searching all over Ontario for the perfect barn or stone foundation for a Harley Photoshoot for an extremely patient client. Finally a couple month's ago I happened to mention to my Brother-in-Law Dwayne exactly what I was looking for and he had the perfect place just a fifteen minute drive from my house! Thanks Dwayne!!

We checked out the farm and it looked abandoned but all locked up. I left my card with a note in case the owners dropped by and sure enough, a week later, I got a call from a lovely lady named Mary who was gracious enough to let us use the farm for a few hours :)

Heather in action getting a 'down low' shot with the wide angle lens

Wifey was all over the place with her new D3100 shooting everything in sight...

Most of the shots that we kept were shot inside of the barn because the early afternoon sun was too harsh for any great images.

Lewis' Custom HD

Wifey did some poses

Lewis' Custom HD

As did Lewis, the owner of the 1987 Custom Softail

Lewis' Custom HD

and John who rode the Custom here from Toronto (Lewis rode his Decker)

Ann portrait at Mary's farm

Lewie's wife Ann brought out a bunch of outfits and did a bunch of poses as well.

After a great afternoon of shooting it was back home to edit over 900 images and get them posted.... now I can sleep!

Finally.... Puppy shot!
Duke is my other Grandpuppy. He's a 3 year old White Sheppard cross with awesomeness.


Have a great week!

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