Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nikki's 6th Birthday Bash

Last weekend my mission was to photograph my niece's 6th Birthday Bash so we loaded up the Montana Soccer-Mom van with the gear and a box of Moosehead Beer headed for the Perchak's.

Nikki having a major sugar rush, I believe :D

Because it's both fun and uber-hot out (over 100F or 40C in the shade) the water balloons and Garden hose were the order of the day!

Pat made a delicious Birthday cake with some odd dolls on it....

Pinata's were whacked...

Hot Dog's consumed by extreme cuteness...

And of course, what's a B-Day bash without David the Disturbed Clown!

Sorry, one more extreme cuteness then off to the Puppy Shot!

This is Rascal our host's Shitzu mixed with Toaster cozy along with the lovely Mz Niomi!

Wifey and I are taking off as soon as I finish this post for a week of camping in Tobermory, Manitoulin Island and the Parry Sound, Ontario area's :)))


Friday, July 22, 2011

Deleting like a crazy man

With a bit of advice from DPS I am trying to learn to cull my images. This afternoon Wifey and I set up wee Babyman's inflatable pool on the deck and I brought out the trusty Nikon. After shooting off 73 quick pics it was time for Lightroom editing.
First pass I had 60 left and after the third pass I was down to 5 images! Hard to do when the subject is Babyman I must say!

Niomi bought Gaeb this inflatable pool for his second birthday. This is the first time he has used it. Apparentley he loves it :)

Niomi bought Gaeb this inflatable pool for his second birthday. This is the first time he has used it. Apparentley he loves it :)

Niomi bought Gaeb this inflatable pool for his second birthday. This is the first time he has used it. Apparentley he loves it :)

Tomorrow is my nieces 6th Birthday Party so we will see how this new and improved streamlining is going to work :)

Puppy Shot


This little proud guy is Capone. He's a pure bred English Bulldog.

Have a great weekend

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lou's Custom Harley shoot

For about a year Wifey and I had been searching all over Ontario for the perfect barn or stone foundation for a Harley Photoshoot for an extremely patient client. Finally a couple month's ago I happened to mention to my Brother-in-Law Dwayne exactly what I was looking for and he had the perfect place just a fifteen minute drive from my house! Thanks Dwayne!!

We checked out the farm and it looked abandoned but all locked up. I left my card with a note in case the owners dropped by and sure enough, a week later, I got a call from a lovely lady named Mary who was gracious enough to let us use the farm for a few hours :)

Heather in action getting a 'down low' shot with the wide angle lens

Wifey was all over the place with her new D3100 shooting everything in sight...

Most of the shots that we kept were shot inside of the barn because the early afternoon sun was too harsh for any great images.

Lewis' Custom HD

Wifey did some poses

Lewis' Custom HD

As did Lewis, the owner of the 1987 Custom Softail

Lewis' Custom HD

and John who rode the Custom here from Toronto (Lewis rode his Decker)

Ann portrait at Mary's farm

Lewie's wife Ann brought out a bunch of outfits and did a bunch of poses as well.

After a great afternoon of shooting it was back home to edit over 900 images and get them posted.... now I can sleep!

Finally.... Puppy shot!
Duke is my other Grandpuppy. He's a 3 year old White Sheppard cross with awesomeness.


Have a great week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Second half of The Canada Day Weekend

Click on any image and it will take you to the appropriate Gallery on my website for more photo's,

A little late but I am finally getting my Canada Day Weekend photo's finished off. it has been a super busy week at the day job!
Saturday morning, Wifey and I totally forgot about the Classic Truck show up in Clifford, Ontario (My Blackberry forgot to remind me, or, I forgot to set the reminder..whatever) and decided to head for the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario.
It was pretty cool...not Classic Big Trucks, but still good :)

We saw a Quail,


A bunch of Finch's, Finches, Finchei...whatever Finch is in plural form,

These wee Finch's were flying free in the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario by the hundreds (seemed like)



and of course, a million Butterfly's!

After sweating away a couple of dozen pounds in the Butterfly greenhouse we headed off to The Car Store to get some shots of an old Chevy Flatbed truck and antique fuel pumps that I knew were there,
I bracketed my shots (7 exposures) and converted to HDR in NIK Software's HDR Efex Pro

Old Chevy Flatbed truck at The Car Store in Aberfoyle, Ontario

Old Chevy Flatbed truck at The Car Store in Aberfoyle, Ontario

Gratuitous Puppy Shot!

This is my #1 dog, a 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier :)


Tomorrow Heather and I have a Harley and Portraits Photo shoot at an old barn in Cambridge. I should have the post up Sunday...hopefully :)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada Day Weekend

Busy, busy, busy photography weekend! Wifey and I spent Friday (Canada Day) morning at the Doon Heritage Crossroads Pioneer Village in Kitchener. It's kind of a cool place for local historical buildings and period costumes.

Clicking on the images will take you to my website gallery where you can find more photo's.

Main street showing turn of century shops and services in Waterloo Region.


Firehall... I'd love to see the Firefighters of day's gone by getting the horses and fire wagon down those stairs out front....

This guy was the Blacksmith in his period costume

Ragtime Band at The Jubilee Park

After a quick stop at home we took off to Columbia Lake in Waterloo for Fireworks. We figured on getting there early...7:30pm for a 10pm showing...should've gone earlier. There were an estimated 50,000 people there and I thing each one brought their own car! This was my first attempt at capturing fireworks. I thought I would first try a 2 second exposure for the first half and then move up to an 8 second exposure....
For the next fireworks, I think I'm going to go to my favorite web resource at DPS and find out how to do them properly.. I ain't too proud to ask directions :)

Canada Day fireworks at Columbia Lake, Waterloo, Ontario. July 1,2011

2 second exposure

Canada Day fireworks at Columbia Lake, Waterloo, Ontario. July 1,2011

8 second exposure

That's it for Friday. On Saturday we went to a Butterfly Conservatory and then a trip to Aberfoyle to get some shots of an old Pickup Truck and Gas Pumps then Sunday was my day of rest where I got to shoot my Daughters Boyfriends Uncles...whew... 16 month old Samoyed. I will post those over the next couple of day's.

Puppy shot!

Sammy the Samoyed

Sammy the Samoyed :)