Thursday, June 30, 2011

Babyman's Big 2

Today is my Grandson Gaebriel's second birthday. Happy Birthday Babyman...the BIG 2, Wow!
We had a small party at our house last Sunday and I just finished editing the shots and getting the posts up at my website.

Gaeb being a ham, trying to get everyone to raise their arms and wiggle their fingers

Sweet! Cars :)

Gaeb's 2nd bday. onverted to B&W with NIK Silver Efex Pro2

B&W of Gaeb opening presents. Converted in NIK Silver Efex Pro2

Gaeb at his 2nd Birthday Party


That`s it for now.... after the gratuitous dog shot :D

This is Norm, my couch warmer Shar-Pei English Bulldog cross.

My Shar-Pei/English Bulldog cross doing what he does bestDPS Assignment: Homelife- Leisure Time

This weekend Wifey and I will be heading out to Canada Day celebrations around our hometown of Kitchener, Ontario where we will be attempting some street photography and some fireworks.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Virgin Post

Look at at that, just what the world needed, another frikkin' Photo Blog!

Since this is my Virgin Post with this Blog and nobody is reading it anyway, I am going to post a couple of Images linked from my website

Inglis Falls in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. 1/15th sec exposure
This was taken at Inglis Falls near Owen Sound, Ontario at a 1/15th second exposure. I think next time I am up there I will wait another hour for better light and try a 30 second + exposure for silkier water

Waves crashing on the rocky shoreline of Georgian Bay at the Bruce Trail National Park, Ontario, Canada, converted to Black and White in NIK Silver Efex Pro 2
Bruce Peninsula National Park on Georgian Bay.

Coming up will be a bunch of Car and Big Truck photo's from the Car/Truck Show Circuit over the Summer. Also Wifey and I will be taking a two week camping trip all over Northern Ontario in the beginning of August so there will be a bunch of new and improved Landscape shots.

I will leave you with a gratuitous shot of my latest Grandpuppy Opie !